Some Key Projects (2018-2022)

Bushfire Management Plan for proposed Service Station on Lot 52, DP 1191488 at 425 Argyle Street, Picton
* Special Fire Protection Purpose Assessment for Kia Ridge Conference Centre, Kiah Ridge, Tahmoor
* Oran Park Strategic Procedural Subdivision to establish over 1000 residential
* Vegetation Management Plan for the Horsey Park recreation building
* Bush Fire Hazard Assessment for the amendment of naval buildings at HMAS
* Establishment of Supermarket, West Parade, Hill Top, NSW
* Proposed Recreational Vehicle Park, Hawkins Street, Coma, NSW
* Consent for ongoing outdoor events at Crooked River Wines, 11 Willowvale Road, Willowvale
* Establishment for Preschool 2-23 Hoover road Queanbeyan, NSW
Consent for Camden Day Hospital;


Kate Harris is an SW BPAD Level 3 Bushfire consultant. As a consultant, her primary role is helping clients achieve legislative requirements relating to bushfire risk and protection. She has been running Harris Environmental Consulting since 2005. Kate works to find a solution for her clients so that the regulative requirements are satisfied; the cients understand the implications of the risk, and the bushfire risk is managed at the appropriate level. Kate especially enjoys problem-solving throughout the bushfire assessment process.

Kate now manages a team to deliver bushfire assessments for Strategic studies, Rezoning Proposals for RU1 Rural landscape to be rezoned to R5- large Lot Residential;
Special Fire Protection Purpose Developments including day hospital, surgeries, cabins, wedding venues, schools, eco-cabins and places of Public Worship; Subdivision proposals range from 2 lots to 100 lots both rural residential and urban release; Certified BAL certificates for both single house lots and industrial; Alternate solutions for infill-including access design, water supply and Flame Zone; Bushfire Evacuation Emergency Plans consistent with the RFS Guidelines for the Preparation of Emergency/Evacuation