Grasmere Place - Grasmere

This property was zoned RU1 Rural Landscape under the current Camden Local Environment Plan, and was proposed to be rezoned to R5 – Large Lot Residential. Indicative house lot layouts were identified in the assessment and it showed how the proposal can comply with bushfire protection requirements. Final details of landscaping and boundaries will be determined when a subdivision DA is lodged.

The assessment recommended that:


The proposal involved the clearing of all the land required for the residential development, roads and APZ. After the clearing had been undertaken the main bushfire threat would have then been the forest in the three connecting drainage lines/riparian corridors which dissect the subject property.

The drainage lines/riparian corridors containing the bushfire threat are characterized by steep sides which include slopes of 10 to 15 degrees. However in some sections the bank drops to 18 degrees or more. This steepness cannot be managed as an APZ and this constraint has been considered in the lot layout development.

This assessment specified specific building setbacks on some of the proposed lots. Habitable buildings will not be permitted within the area nominated as having a building setback. However the remainder of the site can support habitable buildings. The building setbacks were required as a condition of development consent. The consent authority is required to ensure that a mechanism is established to ensure the setback is enforced.

The APZ’s located outside the residential lots was composed of a two-way public road, road side reserve and stormwater treatment swales and drainage.

It was proposed that a perimeter road or a fire trail to provide a buffer from the bushfire hazard was established. Also the proposed access needed to supply a perimeter road with two way access deliniating the extent of the intended development.

Rezoning Reports

There are certain requirements that must be met regarding bushfire. The RFS is consulted prior to exhibition and the department of planning and infrastructure (DoPI) determines compliance with the direction.


The Planning Principles for Rezoning to Residential Land in Bushfire Prone Areas are applied to the proposed development. These planning principles are listed on page 4 of the Planning for Bushfire Protection Guidelines, (NSW Rural Fire Service, 2006). This includes:

a) Access; does the site have provision for a perimeter road with two way access which delineates the extent of the intended development?

b) Asset Protection Zones; does the development have provision at the urban bushland interface for the establishment of adequate asset protection zones for future housing?

c) Minimum lot depths; what will be the minimum residential lot depth to accommodate asset protection zones for lots on perimeter roads?

d) Perimeter exposed to hazard; does the development minimise the area of developed land interfacing the hazard?

e) Inappropriate development in hazardous areas; are there any site specific controls needed to address development or placement of combustible materials?