• Arulen

As this proposal involves the subdivision of land for rural residential purposes, it requires an Integrated DA approval. This involves obtaining a Bushfire Safety Authority (BFSA) from the NSW Rural Fire Services (RFS).

Integrated development applications under section 100B of the Rural Fires Act (RF Act) and section 91 of the EP&A Act require the following detailed information:

  • Description of property;
  • Classification of vegetation out to 140 m from the development;
  • An assessment of the effective slope to a distance of 100 m; Identification of any significant environmental features;
  • Details of threatened species, populations, endangered communities and critical habitat known to the applicant;
  • Details of Aboriginal heritage known to the applicant;
  • A bush fire assessment that complies with the relevant requirements of the PBP (2006) and AS 3959 2009;

Assessment of how the development complies with acceptable solutions, performance requirements and relevant specific objectives within Chapter 4 of PBP.

The assessment found three vegetation communities within 140m of the boundary of the site. This included grassland, woodlands and a riparian corridor.

Location: Aurlen

Category: Bushfire Hazard Assessments, Subdivision