Lake Annan Floating Treatment Wetlands

  • Lake Annan Floating Treatment Wetlands

Lake Annan suffered from severe water quality degradation and seasonal algal blooms. The urban water way was so polluted that there were frequent complaints about algae, pollution and odours.  The aim was to improve the lake amenity both for environmental purposes and for the local community.

Purpose: Control algae and improve water quality.

Scope of works: Two forms of floating wetland systems:

  • 117m2 of floating treatment wetland for water quality treatment, 4m wide by either 26m or 15m length.
  • 217m2 of floating treatment wetland for bank stabilisation, 3m wide x 18m or 29m length

Issues: Initial design for anchoring become unsuitable for a fluctuating storage pond. Rafts re configured into a consolidated island.

Client: Camden Council

Location: Camden

Area: 400m2

Completed date: November 2016

Category: Harris Floating Wetlands



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