Sutton Forest Service Centre

  • Sutton Forest Service Centre

Purpose: Control outbreaks of blue green algae and reduce nutrients to meet EPA compliance targets. Meeting compliance targets and eliminate further outbreaks of BGA.


Scope of works: 100m2 lineal design floating treatment wetland, 4m wide x 20m long. Anchored to concrete tie off points on bank of aeration pond of sewage treatment pond, receiving raw, domestic sewage. Installed in conjunction with Permeable Reactive Barrier (steel furnace slag) to reduce phosphorus.

Issues: Strong winds tore at anchor points attached to FTW. Problems addressed for this installation and further designs included an internal stainless steel cable that connects each FTS module.

Client: Australian Property Investments Pty

Location: Sutton Forest, Southern Highlands, NSW

Area: 100m2

Completed date: January 2008

Category: Harris Floating Wetlands