Sydney Olympic Park – Lake Belvedere

This is the third floating wetland we have installed for the Sydney Olympic Park Authority in the last three years.

The two previous floating wetlands were installed to provide habitat for the Green and Gold Bell Frog, whereas the latest floating wetland was installed to prevent erosion around an island in Lake Belvedere.

The floating wetland included permanent bird protection as the site is home to a large population of White Ibis.

The 34m2 floating wetland was positioned to surround half the island (2 x 4m x 4m) and placed as close as possible to the eroding bank to allow roots to bind into the submerged sediment and dampen the currents that are eroding the island.

Client: Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Location: Lake Belvedere

Area: 34m2

Completed date: October 2019

Category: Harris Floating Wetlands



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