Sydney Water Picton Sewage Treatment Plant – Trial

The trial has been set up to compare surface and floating wetlands for nitrate removal.

The trial includes 2 x 200m2 floating wetlands (25m x 8m x 2m deep) and 2 x 200m2 surface flow wetland cells (8m x 25m x 350mm). All 4 cells are lined, planted with Schoenoplectus validus and  Phragmites australis and installed with temporary bird protection netting.

The trial will allow Sydney Water to compare the effectiveness of these treatment methods for treating high and low strength wastewater over varying residence times, seasons and stages of maturity.

The primary purpose of the trial is to assess the two methods of treatment for nitrate removal.  Monitoring will begin early 2021, after two growing seasons.

Client: Sydney Water

Location: Picton

Area: 4 x 200m2

Completed date: May 2019

Category: Harris Floating Wetlands



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