Whenever a boundary is altered (made smaller or changed) in a residential or rural residential area planning controls for subdivision is required (if two or more existing lots are consolidated this is not considered a subdivision).

Bushfire Hazard Assessment for Subdivision is classed as an integrated development and requires an authority consent from the RFS (BFSA). Harris Environmental provides the relevant report for you to obtain your BFSA and Council Consent required.

The assessment will be prepared in accordance with the Planning for Bushfire Protection 2006 (PBP) and the Australian Standard 3959 (2009). In particular, the report will address the specific objectives of Appendix 4 A4.2 of the PBP (2006) for rural subdivision.

The report will include:

  • Site description and zoning of subject lot;
  • Classification of vegetation formations within 140m of the subject lot, consistent with Keith (2009);
  • Assessment of the effective slope;
  • Significance of any vegetation to be retained inside the subject lot;
  • Bushfire Assessment that addresses how the proposal complies with acceptable solutions, performance requirements and relevant PBP, 2006 specific objectives, including asset protection zones, siting and adequacy of water, capacity of public roads, adequacy of access and egress and adequacy of landscape plans;

This assessment will determine the level of bush fire attack (BAL) for the new proposed building envelopes in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3959-2009. The highest BAL identified for the subject site was BAL 12.5. A water reserve for fire fighting purposes was required with a suitable connection for RFS purposes. An internal road with adequate access for emergency services vehicles was also required.

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