Coir Wetland Mats


Pre planted coir wetland mats are an excellent way of establishing wetland plants within the shallow margins of ponds and lakes.

The coir wetland mats are pre-grown in our aquatic nursery at Jamberoo, NSW. Each mat is planted with nine plants which are ready for sale within 8 to 12 months. A mat ready for sale will have its roots penetrating the coir mat and laterally spreading throughout the underside. The exposed roots quickly grow into the submerged sediment and allows wetlands to be established or recolonised in areas where planting by tubestock would not be successful.

We have supplied these to clients including the Centennial Park Trust, Wollongong University and Parramatta Park Trust.


Applications include:

Microbiome of bacteria and fungi

The biofilm of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) attached to coir mats and plant roots will help boost the growth and development of host plants and increase host plants resistance to pathogens.

Erosion control

The mats can be used to provide erosion control on sites that cannot be revegetated due to flowing water, wave erosion, steep submerged slopes (dropoff). The coir mats can last for 5 years or more, by which time the wetland plants have established.

Integrated bird protection

If tubestock cannot be established because of bird predation, pre planted coir mats allow are well suited to being enclosed within a netted poly pipe tunnel. This keeps out birds and carp and can be removed when plants are established.

Depth of planting

We have successfully established these mats within shallow water down to 200mm depth.  Secured with rocks, these mats do not move. It would be very difficult to do the same using tubestock.

Wollongong University plants six months after installation

  • Golf Course
  • Public Parks
  • Private Ponds
  • Wetland Restoration
  • Stream and Lake Banks
  • Tidal Zone
  • Stormwater Ponds and Rain Gardens


Coir properties:

  • Dimensions: 1m x 1m & 1m x 0.5m
  • Coir mat thickness: 7 cm
  • Coir fiber density: 5kg/m2
  • Exterior net structure: Square patterned coir net, enclose loose coir fibre fill
  • Net mesh size: 20 mm x 20 mm
  • Net thickness: 4 mm


Handling and storage:

Because the pre planted coir mats contains live plants, delivery must coincide with the installation date. Pre planted coir mats will be delivered to the site using trailer or pantec. As the plants are aquatic species, it is important that they remain moist once they are harvested from our nursery. Mats should be placed in the water when delivered to the site to rehydrate after transportation.


The mats can be supplied as single species or mixed plantings. We use the following species:

  • Baumea articulata
  • Schoenoplecus validus
  • Eleocharis sphacelata
  • Carex Fascicularis

Other species can also be grown to suit the site requirements


1. Final grade should be smooth, free of rocks, sticks, and existing vegetation.
2. Pre planted coir mats must have good soil contact and be in contact with water (at the normal water level).
3. If installing in a stream channel, overlap pre planted coir mats similarly to roof shingles, starting downstream, working upstream.
4. Securely anchor using large river pebbles, turf staples or hardwood stakes as needed to maintain direct contact with soil.




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