Environmental Assessments

Environmental Assessments

Harris Environmental provides Environmental Management Plans (EMP) for clients during the construction or operational phase of a project to satisfy environmental goals.

An Environmental Management Plan ensures that appropriate environmental management practices are followed during your projects construction or operational phase. This is achieved by providing a tailor made environmental management framework specifically suited to your needs, including a process for the implementation of best practice environmental controls, and a means to monitor and review environmental impacts and risks.

Services we provide include:

You might require an EMP if:

  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)
  • Operational Environmental Management Plans (OEMP)
  • A preliminary assessment of the site, including an assessment of environmental aspects.
  • A review of organizational structure and operations
  • A review of environmental obligations and requirements
  • An assessment of potential environmental impacts, employing a risk management approach.
  • An assessment for environmental controls; and,
  • Following-up or Auditing of existing EMP’s

  • You are submitting a development application (DA) to council
  • You are tendering for a project
  • You are complying with requests to take action following an audit or investigation; and
  • You are taking proactive action to comply with regulatory requirements.

Environmental risk assessments deal with the probability of an event causing a potentially undesirable effect. Each issue that is entered into the issue register is subject to a risk assessment using the risk matrix presented in the table to the left. This risk ranking is a function of likelihood and consequences of the risk.

Likelihood reflects the chance of risk, or an unwarranted outcome, actually occurring. It can be based on historical data or on an estimate arising from an assessment by a group of persons familiar with the business process being analyzed. Consequences reflects the degree of impact of an unwarranted event.

Our services allow our clients to make sound decisions and effectively manage their environmental obligations, reducing operating costs and liabilities while improving their public image and competitive edge.



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