Why Use Floating Wetlands

Why Use Harris Floating Wetlands for your Natural Solution

There are many reasons to choose floating wetlands for your natural solution. Kate, Sean and the team have been installing & developing floating treatment wetland systems in Australia longer than anyone else…

  • Seamless delivery of service with an experienced and qualified local based team who are proven in installing customised FTWs in Australian conditions;
  • No overseas franchisees and complications with international stakeholders;
  • Unrivalled expertise in each of the core required disciplines of engineering, application of wetlands for water quality management, and FTW project management and water quality.
  • Not just a “stormwater product supply” company with an overseas parent company, but a locally grown and proven company who have been installing & developing floating wetland systems in Australia longer than anyone else;
  • Plastic frames manufactured in Western Sydney, the cages made in the Illawarra and the plants sourced from local nurseries using the relevant regional providence.
  • Submerged “wet” system that is superior to dry systems because it’s a “real” wetland. The submerged and free floating wetland plants create a true marsh environment which captures and stores organic material in the peat leading to high quality water treatment;
  • Coir provides an ideal bacterial support medium for fixed film denitrification processes. Research results has found removal of nitrate nitrogen and COD removal is just as efficient as synthetic support mediums;
  • The coir forms a thick mattress of microbial matter that is submerged so that more of the water is in contact with the treatment system, as opposed to ‘floating gardens’ with a dry surface which is not a natural habitat for emergent wetland species;
  • Low maintenance, our oldest system which is over 8 years old and requires minimum maintenance. There is virtually no weed invasion as the submerged wet environment provides conditions perfect for wetland species and undesirable for terrestrial weeds.
  • FTW technology for water treatment is relatively new and we have been developing and testing our FTW prototypes for over 8 years ago aswell as developing a network of overseas contacts, including suppliers and researchers.
  • Our coir is sourced from coconut plantations in Sri Lanka. We have visited the premises to ensure the produce is both ethically and environmentally sound. We purchase from villages that were decimated by the 2003 Tsunami.
  • We establish a mix of wetland species selected from the endemic plant communities. Over time, the species most suited to the site will dominate, but a diversity of species established will remain. Our system allows the greatest diversity of true wetland species to establish, unlike our competitors that have systems that favour marginal species such as Carex appressa and Juncus sp.

Recent Floating Wetlands Projects

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