On Site Wastewater Management for Challenging Sites

The challenging residential site plans.

Not all approvals are a tightly defined and straight-forward process. On challenging sites, the knowledge and experience of the onsite wastewater management specialist is crucial. For example, HEC were asked to prepare an On Site Wastewater Assessment for a client who was proposing to construct a 7-bedroom residential dwelling. This would normally be easily achieved for a 4300m2 property, however, when the owner also wanted a swimming pool, water tank on land that was needed for wastewater disposal. That’s when this became a complicated job.


Our cost-effective solution on this challenging site.

Why was this difficult?

Shallow soil and rock outcrop meant there was not much land available for wastewater disposal. Furthermore, Council requires a 6m upslope and 12m downslope buffer for soil absorption beds receiving secondary treated wastewater and a 100% reserve area in case the installed area fails.

Luckily, we did not have to ask the client to reduce the number of bedrooms or delete the pool from the plans.

We were able to overcome these constraints and obtain Council approval with the strategy shown on the attached drawings. There is already so much that can go wrong during the process of building a property that it is crucial that knowledgeable professionals are used for all assessments.

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