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        • Subdivisions

        • Whenever a boundary is altered (made smaller or changed) in a residential or rural residential area planning controls for subdivision is required (if two or more existing lots are consolidated this is not considered a subdivision).

        • Rezoning Reports

        • Bushfire Assessments are prepared as part of a rezoning in a bushfire prone area.

        • Infill Development

        • An Infill Development involves new house, alterations and additions in pre-existing subdivisions.

        • Special Fire Protection Purpose Developments

        • Any proposals involving schools, hospitals, bed and breakfast accommodation, eco-tourism, housing for older people, retirement villages, childcare centres, music festivals are considered particularly vulnerable during bushfires and are therefore required to meet some specific requirements. In particular, an emergency/evacuation plan is considered an important component of the strategy to plan for any bushfire risk. The consent authority is the local council but only after the RFS has issued a BUSHFIRE SAFETY AUTHORITY.

        • Complying Development

        • Check your 149 certificate to see if you need a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) risk assessment.

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Recent Projects

Wastewater Transfer Centre

Commercial developments like the one shown in the image, will require a Watercycle Management Study to demonstrate the required stormwater treatment. In the example shown storm water from the exterior hard stand surfaces needed to be treated by biotension basin, sediment basin and constructed wetlands.  Where as the wash down water from the putresible waste management system required an anaerobic treatment system followed by constructed wetland.

Water Cycle Management Study For Cemetry

A Water Cycle Management Study was prepared for a proposed prayer hall and cemetry with on-site wastewater management facilities.

Proposed Boarding House

With limited soil depth and available land, this project needed an Aerated Water Treatment System and 4 sand mounds.


The 34m2 floating wetland was positioned to surround half the island (2 x 4m x 4m) and placed as close as possible to the eroding bank to allow roots to bind into the submerged sediment and dampen the currents that are eroding the island.


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